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Composition of three pieces representative of the olive-growing tradition, in Portugal.
Its design is dictated by a symbolic landscape - the olive grove. The set consists of a piece with its own characteristics for tasting olive oil, a bowl and a board for serving food. The pieces are produced in fine stoneware paste, bathed by hand, in a translucent white glaze, and complemented by natural pieces of olive wood, carefully harvested in the Portuguese olive grove. Stoneware pieces are distinguished by their high resistance. They allow washing in the washing machine, and the bowl uses the microwave and oven.
Recommendation: With use, the olive wood acquires a whitish tone, to tone and preserve you can apply a natural fat - olive oil.
Packaging in box in microchannel cardboard, wrapped in a paper strap (olin) where the whole story is told ... illustration and story - creative text. Bilingual content - Portuguese and English.

There is the possibility to buy only the plate (1 piece) or the set of 3 pieces.

Olive oil tasting dish "Monte das Oliveiras"

VAT Included

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