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Premium Olive Oil Tasting Class

We swapped the city for the countryside and so at the moment we are holding the workshop at home, in Alvados - Porto de Mós, in a more intimate and relaxed environment.


In this workshop we will explain the olive oil production process, from harvesting to the mill, the care to be taken to produce extra virgin olive oil and what information we should pay attention to on an olive oil label when purchasing.

We will learn to distinguish and learn about the different categories of olive oil: Extra Virgin, Virgin and Refined. Afterwards, we will have a tasting of 4 Portuguese extra virgin olive oils with international awards and from small producers of recognized quality and 1 Virgin olive oil and 1 refined olive oil to see their differences.

The tasting is in a glass, as in specialty competitions, or by tasting good bread with olive oil, discovering the smell of tomatoes or fresh herbs and feeling the bitter, spicy or sweet olives. Above all, it will be an experience of aromas and flavors from North to South of Portugal through olive oil.

Enjoy your visit, and in addition to Alvados, discover Fátima, the Batalha Monastery or the giant waves of Nazaré.

The workshop has a maximum capacity of 8 people, but we always try to organize individual groups.

Language: Portuguese or English

Price: €30 per person

Approximate duration: 2h

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We also organize events, for up to 50 guests, with a visit to the oil mill, olive oil presentation and tasting, lunch and a walk through the beautiful village of Alvados.


If you wish, contact and we will send you our best price, depending on what you want.

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