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Who we are

My name is Ricardo Faria and I have a wife (Andreia Alves) and two kids.

The fast-paced life, which diminishes those unique moments with family and friends, the will to discover new paths, besides civil engineering, that guided my entire professional career – these were the reasons that triggered my will to change.


Family and friends were there to shatter all myths, to support and encourage me, but also to raise doubts and overshadow to the reality of this increasingly impersonal and individual world. Still, we decided to take it on: we are Crazy about Olive Oil!


​ LOA | The Olive World is a entirely devoted to olive oil space, seeking to bring together the best of what is produced in Portugal, up from Trás-os-Montes down to Algarve.


We are entirely focused on the excellence of Portuguese products - the partnership with local producers, who cherish and pamper their Olive Trees and seek for the best fruit in order to produce the best olive oil is our commitment. We are always eager to meet other passionate people who are willing to innovate and explore olive oil, the olive fruit or the olive tree.

We intend to help and promote the trade of this ancient product across these global era and augmented reality with our feet on Earth and our heads on the Moon! In our store we will highlight all those small producers that decided to change their lives and that do not have scale or do not intend to compete in large markets; producers who respect nature and its principles and praise the excellence and design of their product, conceived by friends and family.

Above all, we want to bring to everyone the knowledge and willingness to explore the flavours and aromas of the olive, of the olive oil as well as other derivative products, contributing to the sustainability and promoting healthier lifestyles.


Being the largest meeting point of the national olive oil products chain, where anyone can taste internationally awarded products but still hard to find - this is our path.

We are demanding. We know meticulously all of our products and we only have products that we like. Above all, our conduct is based on:


Reliability. We believe in family strength - our true team, so we work towards achieving the trust of all our customers and partners.


Ambition. Focused on the excellence of local products, biological and sustainable, we aim at valuing our products within and across borders.


Integrity. We believe and take responsibility for all our commitments and respect all partnerships with customers and suppliers.


Cooperation. We seek and value everyone's opinion because together we’ll be stronger.


Quality. Our customers’ joy and satisfaction is our daily goal.

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