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Who we are

My name is Ricardo Faria, I am married to Andreia and we have two children. Six years ago, in 2017, the fast pace of life that reduced us to unique moments with family and friends, the desire to discover new paths, in addition to civil engineering that guided my entire professional path, triggered the desire to change.

Family and friends were there to break myths, support, encourage, but also raise doubts and cast a shadow over the reality of this increasingly impersonal and individual world. Even so, we decided to assume: we are Crazy about

Olive Oil!

Thus, LOA - The Olive World, was born in 2017, which was assumed to be a space completely dedicated to olive oil, seeking to bring together the best that is produced in Portugal, from Trás-os-Montes to the Algarve.

Totally focused on the excellence of Portuguese products,partnership with local producers, who care for and pamper their Olive Trees, seeking to harvest the best fruit to produce the best olive oilis our bet. For others, who are passionate about innovating and exploring olive oil, the olive or the olive tree, we are always hungry to get to know them.

Above all, we want to bring everyone the knowledge and willingness to explore the flavors and aromas of olives, olive oil and other derived products, contributing to sustainability and healthier lifestyles.

In 2022, we once again challenged ourselves and sought proximity to Nature. That's how, on a visit to a mill, at the end of 2021, in search of the best Portuguese olive oils, we visited the village of Alvados, located about 1h30m
from Lisbon. The good energy, the surroundings of centuries-old and millenary olive trees and a 
tranquility, we fell in love!

And so, we completed another step. The change was broad, home, schools, store, way of working, but the principles

they stayed. Now we also have a dog!

we are demanding. We meticulously know all of our products and only have products we like. Above all, we are governed by:

Trust. We believe in the strength of the family, our true team, which is why we work to achieve the trust of all our customers and partners.

Ambition. Focused on the excellence of local, organic and sustainable products, we intend to reach beyond and below borders in the enhancement of our products.

Integrity. We believe in and assume all our commitments and respect all partnerships with customers and suppliers.

Cooperation. We seek and value everyone's opinion, because together we will be stronger.

Quality. The joy and satisfaction of our customers are our daily goals.

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