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Shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and spices from Casa do Chascada

Net weight: 200g or 100g

Shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and spices

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Shiitake mushrooms ready to eat, with the combination of intense flavors of mushrooms and flavored olive oil. These mushrooms are ideal for creating simple and delicious entrees. They can be accompanied by a soft cheese or simply served with toasts. Shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and spices are the perfect complement to give a more exquisite touch to any meal. They can be served with a salad or any meat or fish dish. Mushroom olive oil can be used to get a more flavorful touch in a broil or to fry eggs, for example.


As well as being an excellent accompaniment to meals, these mushrooms are known mainly for their medicinal and healing abilities. Shiitake is an excellent source of iron, protein and dietary fiber. In addition, this species is also rich in folic acid, magnesium, selenium and B and C complex vitamins.

Over the last few years several studies have been carried out to understand the medicinal properties of this food. It has been scientifically proven that eating Shiitake mushrooms helps increase the average life expectancy. These are even one of the symbols of longevity in Asian countries.

It has already been proven that these mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties and help eliminate the excessive amount of salt in the body.

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