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Exclusive edition of 200 bottles of 500ml.

Olive oil produced by oenologist Paulo Coutinho, from a Centenary Olive grove in Sabrosa, where we can find several traditional varieties of the Douro Region.

Light green fruity

Harvest 2020/21

Olive Oil Olival dos Sumagrais

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Centennial olive grove acquired at the beginning of 2020 in time to start its exploration and prepare the present harvest. It goes into quarantine immediately in order to start its conversion to the Organic Farming method. It is a parcel adjacent to Vinha da Fonte, this vineyard in organic production method since 2016.


Shale terrain, based on levels supported by schist walls and slopes.


Traditional Douro varieties. In the near future, we will proceed with the identification of the varieties, being certain that it is an arduous task, as it is natural that there are already crosses of different species there.


Held on the 26th of October 2020 using a vibrator as the main means, and the traditional carbon rod. Collection and transport to the mill in ventilated boxes.


Extraction of oil in a reference mill (Casa de Santo Amaro), which has a granite mill for crushing, followed by a cold extraction process, using only mechanical and physical processes.

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