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Organic extra virgin olive oil in glass bottle of 250ml, produced in Marvao, Portugal

Ripe Fruty

2023/2024 Harvest

Azeitona Verde Organic EVOO

VAT Included

Our olive grove fills us with pride, probably many of these trees were planted by the Romans who walked here, and as the Arabs kept the culture and made it grow, they resisted the passage of time. Today they are monuments in a living state that have managed to cross several times and reach our days still full of vigor, which is why for us the organic EVOO Azeitona Verde is the best Portuguese olive oil.

Our farm, because of its size, allows us to treat each of these millennial trees as they deserve - with patience, care and without haste. And it is this unique oil, loaded with history and wisdom, formed in nature, which we like to produce.

The picking of the olives is done manually and starts early; the extraction is done in the cold, which produces an oil of greenish color intense and of slightly fruity flavor. 100% pure olive juice, is ideal for a healthy and natural diet, an authentic nectar with all the characteristics and qualities coming directly from Nature to your table.

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