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Extra virgin organic olive oil 500ml, monovarietal of the variety Santulhana de Trás-os-Montes, Bragança

Light green Fruity

Harvest 2023/2024

Arvolea Single Edition Organic Olive Oil

VAT Included

Our history is based on Passion and is based on the Tradition and Quality of Olive Oil from Trás-os-Montes in organic production in the traditional dryland olive groves. The same passion for Olive Oil and its unique qualities, which led us to discover the entire production process from the olive tree to the mill. The family roots in this region are not unrelated to this fact, deeply linked to olive groves and olive oil, with artisanal production of family tradition that runs for several generations and that serves the whole family with the best quality of traditional olive oil.

The lands and the unique microclimate identified in this region, combined with the production methods and local traditions give this oil a unique flavor and quality. Only obtained from the Santulhana variety in Traditional non irrigated Olive groves.

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