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Extra virgin olive oil in a 500ml bottle produced in Pereira, Council of Mirandela

Mediam Green fruity

Harvest 2023/2024

Best before 12/2025

Santos Premium Olive Oil 500ml

VAT Included

The history of Quinta Castelar began in the mid-19th century. Francisco Ismael do Santos, born in Remondes, married my grandmother Laurentina Gomes, born in Pereira. Both teachers and simultaneously farmers, began the expansion of the Quinta in parallel with the schools they founded in Póvoa de Varzim, Braga and Mirandela, in the first decades of the last century. In 1922, in Porto, my father, Júlio Carlos Gomes dos Santos, was born, to whom I dedicate this entire initiative, namely the launch of this new olive oil brand, “A dos Santos”. Since he was a child, he was passionate about the Quinta in the lands of Pereira, in the region of Trás-os-Montes. Olive oil, the main product of the Quinta, nowadays, has always been the main aspect of this passion, given its natural qualities and all its recognized benefits.

The village of Pereira, municipality of Mirandela is well situated in the heart of Trás-os-Montes at an altitude between 450 and 600m. Perhaps it will be the region where the best and most awarded olive oils in the world are produced. In this Eucharistic village, there are hardly any abandoned lands. We do come across beautiful Centenary Olive groves alongside recent plantations of traditional olive groves. The typical varieties of Trás-os-Montes that also predominate in this region, and in particular in Quinta Castelar, are Cobrançosa and Verdeal and Madural Transmontanas.
The "Blend" that we found and that we have now launched, is composed of
these same cultivars. In this way, we maintain the tradition, in a natural way, and focus on Innovation and Quality, through a careful selection of the fruit, the height of the harvest, the methods, the mill and the partners with whom we started this adventure.

Not considering the Centennial Olive Trees, some of them certainly over 300 years old, the vast majority of Olive groves were already planted by my grandparents who launched into the adventure of agriculture, expanding the Quinta to its current 42 hectares of land. Along with the wine that we temporarily stopped producing, it was the Amendoais and the Olivais that helped to keep the Quinta alive. My father, a Judge of Law, reconciled with his career the sometimes arduous task of keeping Quinta alive from an early age. In turn, my mother, guardian of the family and name of the agricultural company “Heirdeiros de Maria Amélia Dias de Castro Fernandes” always accompanied and supported my father in these plans. Now, it is up to other generations to continue this story, adding value and innovating. In this sense, in 2020 we are committed to earlier harvesting and strict control of the entire value chain. In close collaboration with “Casa de Santo Amaro”, we work to obtain an elegant Olive Oil with a high content of polyphenols, with an exceptional quality.

As my nephew, Guilherme dos Santos says:
“Olive Oil of the Saints (Santos)! … Not Proving is Sin"

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