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Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 375ml bottles produced by the Passos family in Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal

Ripe Fruity

Harvest 2023/24


Olive Oil Passeite Delicate 375ml

VAT Included

Our passion began in 2000 with just a small forest of Dutch/Portuguese roots. While helping with the annual harvest, we fell in love with olives and their restorative health benefits. Through self-education, collaboration with others, and lots of trial and error, we are finally ready to share our products with you, and we're sure you'll agree it was worth the wait!

We have an all-natural approach, using only the climate, animals and plants to fertilize and maintain our woodlands.

In addition to our own olive groves, we manage third parties to produce high quality olive oils from the little-known terroir of Coimbra, Central Portugal, where eucalyptus plantations have sadly destroyed most of the old olive groves.

To guarantee quality and flavor, we are involved in every small detail of production.

~With Love from the Passos Family~

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