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Glass bottle of 100% extra virgin olive oil of the Negrinha do Freixo variety, from Mirandela - Trás-os-Montes, Portugal

Fruity Ripe

Harvest 2020/2021

Montalverne Black Label Olive Oil 500ml

VAT Included

Francisco Manuel Mont'Alverne Rocha Pires and his son Francisco Cid Gonçalves Mont'Alverne Rocha Pires decided to join forces in a common project to bring new life to the farm and the lands of their ancestors.

Coming from different realities, one doctor and the other a marine biologist, put their hands to work to create a high quality olive oil.

Over the past 7 years, 60 hectares of old olive trees have been improved with new pruning techniques, sustainable fertilization and good agricultural practices in general. Since this old plantation (more than 100 years old) was planted by cuttings, there is a mixture of different varieties of olives, the most predominant being Verdeal Transmontana, but Cobrançosa, Madural Transmontana and Negrinha de Freixo are also present, giving rise to to a “Field Blend” oil with unique characteristics and complexity. This oil is a monovarietal from Negrinha do Freixo.

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