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Anáhbia Handcraft Soaps, 100g

100% Natural and handcrafted and produced according to the Cold process method

Soaps manually wrapped in paper

Anáhbia Handcraft Soaps

VAT Included

Natural and organic cosmetics in which Portuguese olive oil is the common ingredient in all products. It is a quality alternative for those who assume a more eco-conscious and healthy lifestyle. The recipes were created, selecting each ingredient for its specific therapeutic properties. We developed our work by hand, in Ponte de Sor, Alentejo. During the process, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the region is combined with other vegetable oils such as coconut, sweet almonds and butters such as cocoa, mango and shea, obtained in a sustainable way.

Lavender: Face, body and hands; All skin types ; Smooth and Creamy; Aroma of Lavender.

Sea Salt: Face and body; All skin types ; oily skin ; Creamy and purifying; Country aroma of Lavender and Rosemary.

Turmeric and Orange: Face and body; All skin types ; mature skin; Creamy and revitalizing; Aroma of orange blossom.

Olive oil: Face and body; All skin types ; very dry skin; Emollient and very moisturizing; Aroma of lemon-lime.

Chocolate: Body; All skin types ; Strong exfoliating; Aroma of dark chocolate with coffee beans, cinnamon and orange.

For greater durability and conservation they must ALWAYS dry, between uses.

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