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Natural handmade soap, produced by the traditional method of cold process, to ensure that all the valuable and beneficial properties of the oils are absolutely intact. In accordance with European regulations.

100% Vegetable oils

Approximate weight: 100gr

Handmade Soap with Olive Oil, Pine & Mint

5,00 €Price
VAT Included

The ingredients are organic whenever possible, and essential oils of the highest quality. Not only are the scents wonderful, but the benefits to the skin are greater. Plants, herbs, flowers, clays, vegetable pigments and minerals are used to give an interesting and visually pleasing texture.

The main ingredient of the soap is the virgin olive oil, giving the soap wonderful qualities of extreme softness. Then we add coconut oil which will give the soaps natural bubbles and creaminess. Organic, unrefined shea butter gives the soap a long life of use and provides a fantastic moisturizing foam. This unique formula is enhanced by various natural vegetable oils obtained by cold pressing (avocado, argan, borage, carrot, sweet almonds, rosehip, wheat germ, jojoba, grape seed, sunflower, cocoa butter, kokum butter, murumuru butter, ucuuba butter, castor bean) and fresh goat's milk. Chemical-based substances, such as preservatives or detergents, are not used.

This natural soap can be used for bathing, cleaning, bearding or shampooing.


Of course, the health and appearance of your skin will improve if you use natural handmade soap.

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