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The portuguese olive bowl for all the olives in the world

Oli - The olive Bowl

VAT Included

Oli® is the olive bowl that reconciles the aesthetics and the function containing both the olives and the pits.

It is an object in porcelain, dyed black on the outside, completely glazed and divided horizontally into two similar parts. The base is a bowl to serve the olives and the upper part is a container for the pits, which can be taken out through a interior removable lid, allowing the piece to be cleaned.

The Oli® brand, derived from the Latin word "olea", meaning olive, is a diminutive for this fruit of the olive, characteristically curvilinear and feminine. It transmits grace and lightness, joy and sound, making it easy to read across borders.


Designed by the designer Miguel Pinto Félix, Oli® is the Portuguese olive bowl for all the olives in the world.

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