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Tomato*, onion*, carrot*, beet*, chayote*, pepper*, garlic*, extra virgin olive oil*, herbs*, spices*.

*Organic ingredients

500ml glass bottle

Produced in Santarém, Portugal, 100% natural and handmade

Organic tomato sauce and vegetables

VAT Included
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Landscape Farm sells local products, produced “with nature”, in local soils and climates.

From the 6 main systems –  the house, the vegetable garden, the olive grove, the orchard, the field and the woods  – produces and makes available products that identify the landscape of the “ribatejano neighborhood”: olive oil, honey, figs, herbs, seasonal vegetables, beans, grains, chickpeas, blackberries, fruits, among many others.

The products are specific to each of the “terrunhos” of the property. The oregano is wild on the south-facing slopes, the blackberries on the cool hedges and ditches, the vegetables on the flat areas of the valleys, the olive groves on the gentle slopes, the weeds on the northern and steeper slopes. The production, although small, is very varied.

All the farm's products come from organic farming.

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