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Glass jar of Santa Maria organic heather honey with 1000g, produced in Montalegre

Organic Heather Honey Santa Maria

VAT Included

 The main objective of MSM - Mel Santa Maria is the production of high quality honey. You want the consumer to feel the nature in each jar of our honey. Currently, the entire beekeeping population of MSM - Mel Santa Maria is in organic production. The control of the apiaries, the production method and the treatments carried out in the bee colonies are controlled by a Portuguese certifying body. 

 Take responsibility for preserving both the ecosystem, through the location of our apiaries, and the environment, we use products approved for organic production in the treatment of bee colonies that are part of your beekeeping. 

Mel Santa Maria's heather honey is produced in the Barroso region, more specifically, in the municipality of Montalegre. This flowering occurs above 800 meters of altitude where heather (Erica arborea) and queiró (Erica umbellata) predominate, as well as oak (Quercus faginea). Heather honey has a dark color, with a strong and intense taste, deeply accentuating its odor. This honey won a bronze award in 2016, gold in 2017 and silver in 2018, in the organic honey category (Concurso Nacional de Méis Portugueses).

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