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Olive Oil Tasting Cup with watch glass

Cup dimensions according to the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) standard

Official Olive Oil Tasting Cup

VAT Included

How to prove?

1.   Pour about 15ml of olive oil into the glass

2. Cover the glass with the watch glass, hold the palm of your hand and heat the oil. Check its temperature, 28ºC is the ideal temperature to taste it, since most of the components that give the smell and flavor to the oil are volatile and, at this temperature, they are released.

3. Move the oil slightly inside the glass, using rotating movements. Uncap and inhale slowly. Then, put a small amount of oil in your mouth so that it can run all the way down to your throat. Here, it is important to breathe in some air to get a sense of retro nasal sensations. Appreciate and identify the different aromas and flavors of olive oil.

4. Between each tasted oil, drink water and eat an apple to clean your palate.

5. You can taste different oils with pieces of white bread, as neutral as possible. You will not have the same perception of all the characteristics of olive oil, but it can also be fun, and a great idea for a different entry to a lunch or dinner with friends.

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