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Douro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Portugal

Light Green Fruity

Harvest 2018/2019

Zabodez Organic Olive Oil 500ml

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The Douro is a region of excellence for the vineyard but also for the olive grove. The Quinta dos Lagares is no exception and the olive grove always happened with the vineyard.

At the time Quinta dos Lagares was bought, the number of trees justified the existence of a watermill, with relatively modern equipment for the time, for the production of its olive production. This watermill was disabled in the late 1940s.

In olive groves, currently kept in a certified organic culture, the Cordovil, Bical, Verdeal, Cobrançosa, Madural and Galega olive varieties are distributed randomly, except for 1 ha of olive groves, from Cobrançosa, irrigated and at the beginning of production .

Zabodez Olive Oil is obtained through the working of these olives in a certified mill and through the use of exclusively mechanical processes.

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