Extra virgin olive oil from organic production in a 500ml glass bottle from Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Douro

Fruity Ripe

2020/2021 harvest

Olive Oil Segredos do Côa Classic Organic


Coming from centenary olive groves, owned by the same family since the middle of the century. XVIII, going in the sixth generation of Aníbal Soares,
the high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, now has the seal “Segredos do Côa”.
A “Quinta Olive Oil” because it comes exclusively from its own olive groves, in “terroirs” with unique and homogeneous characteristics,
implying very limited production, corresponding only to the harvest of the various plots of the family.
With the characteristics of “Mountain Olive Oil” due to the soil typology of the “Douro Superior” and the “Farm-to-Table” concept,
since most of the production goes directly to the consumer.
“Secrets of Côa” is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) with its unique “bitter” and “spicy”, recognized by specialists in
general, which translates each year into the highest percentage of national and international awards, which honor Portugal. Finally the
its very low acidity, does not fail to translate an early harvest, and the speed of delivery of olives in the mill, obtaining a pure
superior quality juice, the only one that should be reserved for raw use.
A gourmet product, ideal for your table and for any of your dishes, even for dessert, helping to create the
habit of tasting quality extra virgin olive oil, as well as making known its true applicability in different
food, to enjoy the natural, in seasonings or simple preparations.

It is in the Douro Superior, in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, lands of altitude, that this nectar is produced, exclusively from the properties of
family, namely in Castelo Melhor, on the way to the Rupestres Engravings of Penascosa, near the mouth of the Côa river.

With a usual acidity of 0.1 / 0.2 and a complex and harmonious flavor. This characteristic is due to the harvest being done at the right time,
tendentially earlier than usual (mid / end of October), giving the oil bitter and spicy notes,
characteristics of the region. For this, the olives should be presented at the ideal point of maturation, resulting in pure juice, or
be it extra virgin olive oil, without any kind of defect.
In these high-altitude lands of the Douro Superior, a “traditional olive grove” without irrigation, of centuries-old olive trees, with 100% agricultural practices
natural, certified biological, the "harvesting of the olives" is done entirely by hand.
Being extracted cold, the result is excellent, since the intention is not to produce more and more, but to produce better and better.

CULTIVARS: “Field Blend”: Negrinha de Freixo, Madural, Verdeal.
PRODUCTION SYSTEM: Organic Agriculture neither irrigated nor intensive.
EXTRACTION METHOD: Traditional, cold.