Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Douro region, Portugal

Fruity Ripe

Harvest 2018/2019

Quinta do Portal Premium Olive Oil 500ml


This Extra Virgin Olive Oil was obtained from olives from the traditional olive groves of 4 of our farms where we produce grapes, also in integrated production.

Olive oil is part of our farm project, complementing the production of wine with excellence.

In 2017 we started two new plantations: one bordering the Quinta do Confradeiro, thus getting all 5 olive groves, and one in continuous system that joins another olive grove already in production.

Olive oil is thus a serious complement to wine for a healthy and sustainable Mediterranean diet.

Olive Groves: Traditional olive groves in integrated production.

Soil: Schist

Harvest Method: Mechanical

Production Process: Cold Extraction

Yield: 8.8kg of olives to obtain 1L of olive oil.

Varieties: Madural (40%); Cordovil (30%); Verdeal (20%); Cobrançosa (10%).

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