Bottle of 500ml of extra virgin organic olive oil and PDO from Trás-os-Montes

Medium Green Fruity

Harvest 2020/2021

Organic Olive Oil Quinta de Rosmarinus PDO


Quinta de Rosmarinus extra virgin olive oil is produced in village of Romeu - Mirandela, on schist soil.

It results from the organic production of olives from high quality of Cobrançosa, Verdeal Transmontana and Madural varieties, without any use of pesticides or herbicides. The olive grove where the olives came from is 100 years old and harvesting is manual. The extraction is done in a stone mill and the production is very small (170L), but with an exceptional quality.

In the first year of its creation, olive oil from Quinta de Rosmarinus was awarded a gold medal at the prestigious international olive-extra virgin olive oil contest Japan 2020.