500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle, with box and dispenser, produced at Quinta da Romaneira, Douro

Medium Green Fruity

Harvest 2021/21

Quinta da Romaneira Caelesti Olive Oil


Romaneira is one of the greatest and most historic estates in the Douro. The property is quite extensive (with 412 hectares), being flanked for more than three kilometers by the river Douro.

The Douro has a microclimate and soil particularly suitable for the cultivation of the olive tree, which has inhabited the region for many centuries. In the olive groves of Romaneira you can find the traditional varieties: Cordovil, Galega, Verdeal and Madural.

The olives are hand-picked during the winter, about two months after the grapes are harvested, and then crushed in a granite stone mill and reduced to a paste subjected to cold pressing.

The result is an extra virgin oil of great character and purity, with a very low natural acidity, and an aromatic bouquet that suggests the scent given off by the wild herbs and plants that grow inside the property.