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Organically produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in a 500ml bottle, from Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Ripe fruity

Harvest 2021/22

Organic Egitânia Olive Oil

VAT Included
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The roots of these olive groves grow deep in history, sharing the same soils that once fed the Roman Empire in Lusitânia. Then came the Visigoths, Muslims, Templars and generously, Egitânia's (Idanha-a-Velha) lands fed all these beliefs, cultures and generations. With deep respect, these ancient olive groves are taken care of. In them they recreate biodiverse, sustainable and long-lasting ecosystems, uniting Olive groves, Pastures and Sheep in perfect symbiosis.

Taste more than 2000 years of Mediterranean History...


Cold extracted. Hand-picked from traditional, centuries-old olive groves, upland and in organic production in the region of Idanha-a-Nova. Milled 24h after harvest.
Varieties: Bical de Castelo Branco, Cordovil de Castelo Branco, Galega.

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