Glass bottle of 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Mirandela, Trás-os-Montes

Light Green Fruity

2020/2021 harvest

Olive Oil Casa de Santo Amaro Grande Escolha PDO

VAT Included

The history of Casa de Santo Amaro, begins with the creation of Morgadio de Santo Amaro on October 14, 1687, and is currently held by the eighth generation of the family.

We can call the Casa de Santo Amaro Olive Oil as Quinta Olive Oil, since from the production of olives, through the extraction of olive oil, its packaging and marketing of the final product, everything is done on the farm, thus being able to include them even within of the Farm-to-Table concept.

During the year we take care of the Casa's olive trees, harvest the olives in late October and extract their oil in our mill. Its storage and packaging is done by us, in our facilities. We dispatch it directly from our olives to your table with a high standard of quality. We do not believe in another way of producing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. "Pure juice of fresh and healthy olives".