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Belarda Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml, produced in Santulhão - Trás-os-Montes

Light Green Fruity

Harvest 2021/22

Belarda olive oil

VAT Included

Origin of the Name: Belarda is the nickname of the matriarch of our family, a strong, dedicated woman, with an easy laugh, a piece of union for the generations that followed, like an unending thread. By creating Belarda olive oil, we are extending our family to the following ones, to those of our friends and their friends. It's not just tradition, it's continuity.

Variety: mostly Santulhana (centennial olive trees)

Catch: manual, in November 2021

Production: Obtained only by physical processes (milling, beating and centrifuging), cold extraction (18ºC) and static decanting.

The Santulhana olive is an autochthonous variety from the village of Santulhão, and is planted in neighboring villages belonging to the municipalities of Vimioso, Macedo de Cavaleiros and Bragança, in the northeast of Trás-os-Montes. This oil comes from about two hundred very old olive trees, belonging to the family of the winemaker Graça Gonçalves, where traditional, rainfed agriculture with a low ecological footprint is practiced. Taking advantage of her academic background, professional experience and organoleptic sensitivity, Graça Gonçalves coordinates and supervises the entire production process, taking the greatest and legitimate pride in the final result.

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