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Glass jar with 250g or 1000g of organic honey  and Rosmaninho PDO from the producer Santa Maria, produced in Valpaços

Wild Lavender Organic Honey Santa Maria PDO

VAT Included |

The main objective of MSM - Mel Santa Maria is the production of high quality honey. We want the consumer to feel nature in each bottle of our honey. Currently, the entire beekeeping force at MSM - Mel Santa Maria is in organic production. The control of apiaries, the method of production and the treatments carried out in bee colonies are controlled by a Portuguese certifying entity.

Rosemary honey from Mel Santa Maria (lavandula stoechas) is produced in Terra Quente Transmontana, less than 400 meters above sea level, between Valpaços and Mirandela, where it is more favorable to the spontaneous growth of this type of wildflower. Rosemary honey has a light color with a smooth and very aromatic taste.

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