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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monte de Portugal Blend, Montargil, Alentejo

Light green fruity

We have it in the form of a 100ml can and a 250ml glass bottle

Harvest 2022/2023



Olive Oil Monte de Portugal Blend

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The centuries-old Herdade do Monte de Portugal stands on the top of the Montargil mountain range. 350 hectares surround and surround the "Monte", where south-facing views hide the Ribatejo's remains and now clearly reach the grandeur and immensity of the North Alentejo moorland.
This varied horizon is painted throughout the year by the green of spring, yellow by the ripe fields and stubble, and an earthy black of the plowed fields of winter.
On these sunny slopes, new olive groves of intensive regime now share the space with centuries-old olive trees.
Nowadays, 5 or 500 years old, day after day they are drinking, once scarce, the purest water that the depth of this fertile soil for years has been keeping us.
Honoring the name of the homestead - Portugal - we privilege the cultivation of the national varieties: Galega, Cobrançosa and Cordovil de Serpa.

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