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Natural Body & Soul is a Portuguese brand dedicated to the artisanal production of Therapeutic Thermal Pillows from Olive pits, for pain relief and general comfort. In the manufacture of our therapeutic pillows we respect the environment, using ecological materials, both in products and packaging.
Therapeutic olive pit pillows can be washed, not spoiling with humidity. Natural, sustainable and ecological product.


SizesRecommended Uses L 12x42cm Neck Pain | Backache M 20x30cm Back Pain | Menstrual pain | Warm the Bed and Relax | insomnia

Therapeutic Thermal Pillow with Olive Pits

VAT Included |

Therapeutic Thermal Pillow - Size M (20x30cm), recommended for back pain

Indicated for who suffer in pains constants in the back, who goes by lots of hours seated or in foot, or who adopt postures wrong

How to use: Heat the Therapeutic Cushion in the Microwave for 2 minutes, place in the back and Relax like your heat

Did you know that chronic back pain can be relieved with natural therapies? When using a therapeutic olive pit pillow, its heat (thermotherapy) increases the temperature of the tissues, helping to alleviate back pain and the psychological stress caused by the pain.

When heated in microwave, 2 min. at 600W, the aroma from the pillow is released, which makes it have a thermal and diffusing function at the same time.


Therapeutic Thermal Pillow - Size L (12x42cm), recommended for tension and pain in the cervical spine and neck

Indicated for: Anyone who regularly has tension in the cervical spine, neck, and shoulders, or regularly feels tight back and neck muscles.

How to use: Heat the Therapeutic Cushion in the Microwave for 2 minutes and place it around your neck. The warmth of the Therapeutic Pillow relaxes muscles and relieves tension in the shoulders and neck.

Neck pain gets worse when we have a fast-paced routine and consequently we walk in constant stress. If, in addition to all this, you still live a sedentary life, without physical exercise, then the symptoms worsen.

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