Extra Virgin Olive PDO Beira Interior 500 ml, Castelo Branco- Portugal

Light Green Fruity

Harvest 2020/2021

Fio da Beira Praemium Olive Oil PDO 500ml

VAT Included

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Fio da Beira Praemium Beira is produced in the parish of Sarzedas, Castelo Branco county, in the Beira Baixa region.

  The estate where Fio da Beira olive oil is produced constitutes a vast olive grove with more than 400 hectares. Harvesting the olives is done manually and immediately transformed.

  This Fio da Beira Wire be used directly in almost all kinds of dishes such as salads, fish, meats, soups, breads, cheeses, salted and even in the preparation of sweets, also highlighting the codfish.


Varieties of Olive: Galega and Cobrançosa