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Glass bottle of extra virgin olive oil PDO from Trás-os-Montes with 500ml

Medium Green Fruity

2020/2021 harvest

Esplêndido Olive Oil PDO 500ml (16.9oz.)

VAT Included
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This exquisite 100% single-estate extra-virgin olive oil comes from the historic Tras-os-Montes in Portugal, situated high in the hills overlooking the Douro valley. Because the area's soil and microclimate are ideal for growing olives, the estate’s land has been cultivated for more than a thousand years. Grown without pesticides, the fruit is hand picked early in the season and immediately cold-pressed to retain its deep fruity flavors and the fresh and spicy aromas. Four classic varietals are used to produce this perfectly balanced oil.

Use in vinaigrettes, as a dip for crusty breads, and as a finishing drizzle for grilled foods  and crisp-tender vegetables. Ideal for fresh fish and meats.

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