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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Moura, Alentejo

Light Green Fruity

Harvest 2022/2023

Consume preferably before the end of: 01/2025

Angélica Olive Oil 500ml

VAT Included
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In the south of Portugal, Moura is the land of olive oil. Over the centuries olive groves of the region have gained fame for the quality of their olive. Now this activity has always been associated with Monte de Manantiz where Angelica olive oil is now produced. The olive oil is produced from the old olive trees of the hill, under production regime integrated in a mixture of the varieties Galega, Cordovil and Verdeal. The three characteristic varieties of D.O.P. Moura. It is an oil of very low acidity, as a result of the fruits being completely healthy at the time of harvest, and the interval between picking and entering the mill to extract the oil is only two and three hours.

This oil is a tribute to Grandma Angelica.

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