Premium Olive Oil Tasting Class

In this class we will explain the process of making olive oil, from de grove to the mill, knowing the differents varieties of Portuguese olives and the care of choosing an olive.
We will learn to distinguish the diferent categories of olive oil: Extra Virgin, Virgin and Refined. Then we will have a tasting experience of 5 Portuguese extra virgin olive oils with international prizes and some little and exclusive productions of recognized quality, 1 Virgin and 1 Refined olive oil, to see their differences.

The tasting can be with a glass, like the experts do in the contest, or savouring a good bread with olive oil, discovering the varieties of natural smells that we can find in olive oil, and feeling the sweet, bitter and pungent sensations. Above all, it will be an experience of aromas and flavors from North to South of Portugal through olive oil.

This experience takes place in LOA store and have seating limit due to Covid-19 for 2 persons.

Price: 30€ per person

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