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Colours and Aromas

The colour of the olive oil is not related to its taste and aroma; it has to do with the maturation process of the fruit, that is to say, a green olive oil comes from the pressing of olives that are still unripe whereas a golden olive oil comes from the pressing of ripe olives.

The aromas or attributes of extra virgin olive oil can be fruity, bitter and spicy; those are all positive qualities of olive oil. It may also contain herb, plant or olive paste aromas and important traits such as bitterness or a slight spicy taste.

In general, the aromas can be:

  • Fruity - Diversity of aromatic notes of fresh fruit either in green (fruity green) or mature (ripe fruity).

  • Bitter - Characteristics of olives obtained from green olives. This characteristic is felt with more intensity on the sides of the tongue.

  • Spicy - It is felt throughout the mouth especially in the throat and results in a slight spicy sensation, characteristic of the oils produced at the beginning of the season or using different varieties of olives.

  • Apple - Aroma and apple flavor, without being sweet, predominating the attributes bitter, astringent and spicy.

  • Almond - Flavor similar to almonds and other nuts.

  • Herb - aroma similar to the herb just cut.

Cor e Aroma do Azeite.jpg
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