A monocasta verjus produced from the non-alcoholic juice of green grapes from the Tinta Caiada grape variety in a 250ml glass bottle. Produced at Quinta dos Sentidos in Silves - Algarve.

Harvest 2019/2020

Verjus Sentidos - Tinta Caiada


"In 2005, we arrived in Portugal and fell in love with an abandoned farm in the Eastern Algarve. Inspired by our Swiss and Danish roots, we have created a small family estate, Quinta dos Sentidos, where vineyards, olive groves, orchards and gardens appeal to our five senses.

Our boutique operation and its production - wine, olive oil and verjus - are small by choice: we aim to produce wines and olive oils in limited editions of the highest quality. "


The production of the verjus is made with still green grapes being pressed and the resulting juice is kept refrigerated for about 3 weeks, allowing the natural decantation of the impurities. Once decanted, it is filtered, carefully pasteurized and bottled immediately.