Extra virgin olive oil from Trás-os-Montes (Mirandela), 500 ml,

Medium Green Fruity

Harvest 2020/2021

Magna Olea PDO Olive Oil

VAT Included

With more than 100 ha of cork oak forest and 20ha for other land uses, it is in the traditional dryland olive grove with 48ha and about 8000 olive trees, mostly Cobrançosa, but also Verdeal and Madural, that Magna is extracted Olea, following best practices with the passion and determination of producer Jerónimo Abreu e Lima.
This dedication results in one of the most elegant and exclusive oils present on the market, rare, pure, intense, full of personality, as the various international awards can attest.

This year olive oil is made up of 75% of the Cobrançosa olive variety and 25% of Madural.