Extra virgin olive oil stoneware bottle of 350ml of Maçanilha variety of olive, Silves - Algarve.

Ripe Fruity

Harvest 2019/2020

Sentidos Maçanilha Olive Oil

VAT Included

"In 2005, we arrived in Portugal and fell in love with an abandoned farm in the Eastern Algarve. Inspired by our Swiss and Danish roots, we have created a small family estate, Quinta dos Sentidos, where vineyards, olive groves, orchards and gardens appeal to our five senses.

Our boutique operation and its production - wine, olive oil and verjus - are small by choice: we aim to produce wines and olive oils in limited editions of the highest quality. "

The Maçanilha olives are harvested and hand-picked from centennial olive trees, rinsed and immediately processed. The extraction is done cold using a continuous two-stage centrifugal machine. The oil obtained and filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks, allowing a natural sedimentation prior to bottling. Annual production is less than 200L.