Gleba - Padaria e Moagem

Products with quality, without chemicals or industrial processes is what we have always wanted.

Bread and Olive oil have an intimate relation to the table of all Portuguese, but sometimes we forget those flavors, smells and scents of our childhood, because the day-to-day does not give us time to think or reflect... We hardly have time to Act!!

But like olive oil, the bread is not all the same, on the contrary!

Gleba brings us 100% Natural Bread, a True Bread!


"In Portugal, bread is not made from national and sustainable cereals. It is mainly consumed wheat from all over the world, marketed in an extremely globalized market with a huge ecological footprint. In short, you may be buying bread of Mafra, made from Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish wheat or whatever is cheaper. "

Although Portugal is not as productive as other countries, Gleba bets on the different varieties of national cereals, in order to produce the best bread, naturally and above all bringing back the bread that our grandparents ate, a nutritious product, healthy and extremely tasty.

The bread with olive oil will get guaranteed tastier!

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Mandatory order on the previous day:

By email, SMS, whatsapp or calling from Tuesday to Friday until 9pm to 966345959. You can raise your bread from Wednesday to Friday until 7pm. Saturdays between 10am and 5pm.

Dona Horta

Fruits and vegetables with scent and flavor, bringing childhood memories to your memory!

Producers of Alcobaça who treat vegetables with care and love, who plant the products of the time and who bring to us what the best land can give!

"These heroes of the countryside are safeguarding our future by taking care of the production of real, rightly cultivated food, taking care of our land, protecting our health and nourishing our spirit"

This partnership is already long ... Almost a year I hear our four year old son say that he wants the apple of "Sinora Horta", always juicy and tasty !!

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DONA HORTA. Register on the page and receive weekly product information. All orders are made at until Wednesday, indicating the LOA as collection point.

You can pick up your basket on Thursdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on LOA.

The collection of the baskets in the LOA does not have any additional cost.


We hope to contribute to your ever more tasty and nutritious meals, breaking the fast pace of everyday life.

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